Why Choose Walk Africa Safaris?

A guided journey through your personally designed itinerary in Africa with the emphasis on walking 

•      Walking directly connects you with your experience within Africa  

•      Walking heightens every sense to your time in Africa. 

 Peace of mind during your safari.

In depth knowledge on tap.

+30 years of safari experience.

Our Vision

At Walk Africa Safaris, we strive to get people "back" into nature by walking in wild places.

As humans we have lost sight of the fact that we are a part of nature and we need nature for our existence.  Reconnecting to nature by walking has the greatest impact on people when they find themselves connected physically through the soles of their feet.

Walking in wild areas enables you to become truly immersed in your immediate environment, taking in the sights, sounds and smells that are around you.  The weather, terrain, insects, birds, trees, and mammals, all become part of the experience and you your heightened awareness recognises the intricate web that surrounds us and allows us all to survive on Planet Earth.

Our lives are taken up with the daily grind of modern life. We have forgotten that nature is part of us and not only something seen on a documentary.  A guided walking safari is a cure of our disconnection with our planet - it reconnects us with what is important and that we are an important part of that web. It ensures that we understand our role in nature and nurtures in us the need to protect what we are part of on this precious Planet Earth of ours.